Monday, July 20, 2009

The Future of Ag

Must read article about advancements in agriculture that will allow our industry to feed a world that grows hungrier every day. Those who argue that biotech should be abandoned ignore information like this.

Not sure how accurate the stats are--like how much food it takes to turn a heifer into beef. But it is a good example of what many are reading about our food supply.

Help Wanted at PETA

Times are tough, but when you're funded like PETA is, you're still hiring. The number and variety of positions open show how well they are funded even now.

They have both domestic and overseas positions--watch out China and Taiwan. Here’s a sampling of open positions from their website.
Animal Care and Control Specialist
Animals in Film
Assistant Activist LiaisonCampaigner
Circus Media Specialist
Caseworker – Cruelty Investigations
Department Coordinator - Cruelty Investigations
Executive Assistant to the Vice-President of Cruelty
Legislative and Outreach Specialist
Research Associate - Investigations
Special Assistant Marketing
Youth Marketing Coordinator--that should worry you.
Corporate Counsel - Publications & Intellectual Property
Director of Major & Planned Gifts
Major Gifts Officer
Suppose a cowboy could get a job to take some hidden camera footage of these guys?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Defy PETA!!

PETA published a list of six places people should avoid because of their inhumane treatment of animals.

I'm now on a mission to visit all of them to show my support:
Coney Island--Brooklyn, NY
Disney's Animal Kingdom--Orlando, Fla.
Sea World--San Antonio, Tex.
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom--Vallejo, Calif.
Six Flags Wild Safari--Jackson, NJ
St. Louis Zoo--St. Louis

If you’re in agriculture or like to hunt, you need to support these places too.

What's PETA Up to Now?

I was too old to enjoy Happy Meals as a kid. As a broke college student, the low cost made me happy. But PETA wants to convince parents that the Happy Meal is really an Unhappy Meal. They’ve made the McDonald’s Logo into a dead chicken--complete with dripping blood. They’ve splatter food boxes with blood.

Those of us in Ag may shake our heads at this, but we really need to do more. People believe this stuff. We have to tell our own story. There are people who think we are committing murder instead of feeding them.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

reading gives me a headache

I'm so tired of all of the books that blame the ills of society on the food industry. What happened to anything in moderation is OK?

The latest is The End of Overeating by Dr. David Kessler. In this book, the author contends that we've been brainwashed to crave the fat sugar and salt used in processed food. I thought The Omnivore's Dilema blamed that on evolution?

At least in the piece in People Magazine this author says that people need to take some personal responsibility. Not that I want to die a death by Twinkie, but there are worse ways to go.

Maybe I should write a book that says the food supply is safe and you can eat what you want. Would anyone buy it? With all the propaganda out there including Food, Inc, it would be a miracle if anyone from the city believed it.