Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feinstein: For Fish, Not for Farmers

Farmer's in California's San Joaqin Valley can't rely on Sen. Dianne Feinstein to help them through a choking drought.

Instead she's voting to holding their water hostage to save the Delta Smelt, a 2 inch long endangered fish.

The San Joaquin Valley was one of the most productive agricultural region in the world. Not so anymore.The US Fish and Wildlife Service issued restrictions on the areas surrounding the Valley to protect this fish.

In protecting the fish, they are killing the farmers.

The University of California, Davis, estimates that San Joaquin Valley farm revenue losses ranged from $482 million to $647 million. Total economic losses could hit $3 billion this year.
Jobless rates in the region are at 14%. In Mendota, the unemployment rate is near 40%.

In June, the administration refused to designate California a federal disaster area because of the drought even though the U.S. Drought Monitor lists 43% of the state as being under "severe drought" conditions.

Earlier this week, Feinstein compared an amendment that would bring water to the farmers to Pearl Harbor. Watch

We can see who is going to save the fish. Who is going to save the farmers?

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