Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What's the Matter with Kansas State*

Really what’s the matter with the K-State Collegian?

Since when does a school known for agricultural excellence have an editorial promoting a vegetarian lifestyle. Maybe I’m becoming an old fogy. But that just doesn’t seem right.

I realize that Vegetarianism--More than Just a Lifestyle appeared on an opinion page. But when it become acceptable that opinion pieces could be full of untruths?

I live in America so I can have my freedoms. I believe that vegetarians have a right to their way of life too. But I take issue with anyone manipulating their facts--or spreading lies--in the name of environmental sustainability and animal rights. Especially when these lies are told to scare you or make you feel guilty so you will abandon the healthy food you enjoy.

I was delighted to see so many current ag students and alums take issue with the report and share some facts to put the reporter on the straight and narrow. But sadly the comments are running about 50-50 for and against modern agriculture. Hopefully someone has offered to allow this author to sit in on some animal science courses.

If you haven’t already send your comments to:

Need some facts to counter the author's "facts" go to our webpage.

***Now before you K-Stater’s slam me for my headline, it’s a nod to William Allen White who is the subject of research being done by Tom Brokaw this week. Mr. Brokaw flew coach from New York to Kansas City this week on his way to Emporia where he met with descendants of Mr. White and other locals. I believe TMZ missed getting a photo of him sitting on the airplane like a common man. Mr. Brokaw’s stock went up with me because he skipped flying first class.


  1. I completely agree! However, although there has been some comments, why hasn't there been hundreds of comments! I sure hope that the Animal Science faculty, among others, will take this opportunity to encourage their students to stand up and help educate others on what agriculture is really like.

  2. Crystal,
    You are 100% correct. Where is the rest of the college of ag?

    The movie critic in the KC Star was again raving about how important it was for everyone to see Food, Inc. What happened to responsible journalism?