Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You'll want to contribute to this legal fund

Norman Pang who lives in Hawaii, has filed a lawsuit against two animal groups.

He says he's being unfairly targeted for animal cruelty by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the Hawaiian Humane Society (HHS)which has been feuding with him for years.

So he’s going to court seeking some relief.

"I am sick and tired of their harassment -- their name calling," said Norman Pang, with Animal Haven. "Abuser, murderer, they are calling me a collector, a hoarder and such names like that none of which are true. I am so tired of that I decided to file a lawsuit.”

For years, Pang and his wife Bonnie operated Animal Haven, a no-kill shelter. The Hawaiian Humane Society unsuccessfully tried to pursue animal cruelty charges against the couple 14 years ago.

After his wife passed away, Pang agreed to give up the animals at the shelter because he was having trouble caring for them. Now he says he feels like he was stabbed in the back.

“I feel so betrayed because I thought the Humane Society of the United States was coming in to help me," said Pang, co-founder of Animal Haven.

Because of the rocky history with the group, Pang thought he had an agreement that the Hawaiian Humane Society be left out of the process.. So a crew, from it's national office, was flown in to help instead. Read Wayne Pacelle’s blog entry on the event.

"When they came on my property with the cameras I immediately asked them what they were doing, and the guy with the camera told me we're doing a training film," said Pang.

He should have known better when the HSUS is involved.

The video, showing animals in a sad state was posted on the HSUS website with other hideous descriptions of his situation. Pang says the images are deceiving because most of the animals were already sick when they arrived at the shelter.

"Right now we look like the worst people on earth because of the way we're being presented by the Humane Society," said Pang. He claims, the societies were working together to gather evidence, in order to build an animal cruelty case against him.

"Any of the footage we take on these animal rescue operations is immediately shared with the media and immediately put out in the community again," said Igna Gibson, Hawaii State Director of the Humane Society of the United States.

The Hawaiian Humane Society says the images are disturbing and has turned over all materials to the prosecutor's office as evidence. It is now up to the prosecuting attorney whether or not to pursue charges against Pang. They've also created some FAQs on the case.

So far, Pang has not been cited or charged with any animal cruelty charges. Both the Hawaiian Humane Society and the Humane Society of America have declined comment. A hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for Dec. 7.

This is a common tactic. Shot the film and pray on the public’s sympathies. It’s a great PR tactic and a highly effective fundraising tool that most people can’t see through.

I need to find out if Mr. Pang has a fund to help with his costs. I’ll be more than happy to send him a contribution.


  1. Mr. Pang's number is 808.234.7453. I don't know if he has a legal fund, but he sure ought to.

  2. Hawaiian Humane Society is not affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States. It is not a chapter of the mainland based organization. 400 animals were rescued from disgusting, deplorable living conditions in the 90s. The "nonprofit no kill" shelter again amassed more animals than they could properly care for. The husband and wife were both officers of that organization. THe victims here are the animals that were found starving and dying on their property. The Hawaiian Humane Society is not the bad guy here...They're just urging for justice for the many animals tha suffered and were neglected by people. Have you read this? No where and on no news report that I've seen has the Hawaiian Humane Society called Animal Haven's operators names.

  3. I watched/read multiple news reports on this event including what was posted by both Humane Societies. In the reports I read, Mr. Pang says the HHS told him they would stay out of it. So why do they have all this information posted on their site?
    Why didn't the HHS or HSUS help this guy with funds or volunteers if they were really concerned about the animals?

  4. The Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney's Office is not pressing animal cruelty charges against Mr. Pang - despite everything that the Hawaiian Humane Society and Humane Society of the United States said about him. They had no case....which makes Mr. Pang's lawsuit against them for defamation even more justifiable. The Hawaiian Humane Society is vindictive against everyone that opposes them. Even though they're the animal control contractor for the island, they refuse to take the Microchip ID forms for the Oahu SPCA animals.

  5. Guess the people at HSUS saw this as a great opportunity to film and ask for donations and guess this is their way of "helping animals". I would imagnine most are dead. Mr. Pang signed over the dogs and other animals 4 days before the "seizure". He has a good chance of winning.
    His wife died, and he knew he was in over his head and asked for help. Look what he got. We will see more law suits as animal rights activist overstep their bounds or in some cases make up rules as they go along and lie, lie, lie.