Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Subtracting Somehow Means More in Baltimore.

How does taking away meat from the menu give students more choices?

While watching balloon boy last week, we missed the awards that the Baltimore School District is receiving from a bunch of animal and environmental activist groups for implementing Meatless Monday. In case you missed it, check out the reporting from the Huffington Post and CNN.

What's the protein content on the menu?
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Who knows? I’m seeing between 2.9 and 16 grams.
Vegetarian Chili 8-12 grams of protein
Corn 1 gram
Green Beans 1 gram
Fruit 1 gram

So the kid would have to eat everything on the plate consuming to equal the amount of protein in a single serving of chicken or beef. How many extra calories is that?

Maybe trading out meat for something else gives someone a choice, but it's not a good choice when 75% of school children don’t get enough protein in their diet anyway.

But the polls say people like the idea.

In a poll on the Huffington Post, the supporters were winning. Awesome said 54.79%. Non issue, why is it getting covered said 40% of respondents and only 4.59% said they were not a fan as of 8:45 p.m. (CT) Tuesday.

Think this is about giving kids better choices? Think again. It’s about an animal rights and environmental activist’s agenda.
The rest of the story, The program is being coordinated in association with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of Public Health. Ever heard of the Center for a Livable Future or the Grace Spira Project? Neither had I.

Henry Spira was an animal right’s activist.

From the Spria Project website, “Launched in 1999, the Henry Spira Project focuses on documenting and communicating the public health and environmental implications of industrial food animal production (IFAP) and promoting humane, more sustainable practices that do not harm the environment and human health.”

Timing is everything. Congress will be considering standards to the school lunch program this fall. Reports on a guy like Mr. Geraci turning around a failing food service system with building blocks like school gardens and Meatless Monday is a way to get a seat at the table for vegetarian options.

Tony Geraci the had of the program is a media darling for his innovative ideas and school garden . Just putting a spotlight on him gives these groups a fan base for this concept who are swallowing the idea that a veggie lunch is a good thing. I mean that's all they're seeing in the media these days so it must be true.

So much for healthy choices.

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  1. That's awful. I hope (though can't imagine) that this is a privileged school district and these kids have plenty of access to protein and vitamins at home.