Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meat is not just murder any more

Here’s a new book out that you’ll want to stuff in your family’s stockings this Christmas.

Jonathan Safran Foer a well known fiction writer, and darling of the book critics, has written a new book called “Eating Animals” examining his issues with eating meat and the food industry in general.

I have often seen animal activists call us murderers. But this guy says the slaughter of animals for food production is genocide.

The ante has been upped.

This guy has a platform and a way with words that could be deadly to our industry because he believes that we all have blood on our hands.

In an interview with Paul Shapiro, who runs the HSUS’ factory farming initiative, Foer takes shots at animal agriculture and factory farms.

These excerpts are taken from the HSUS website.

“It is unacceptable to be indifferent bout genocide, or callous environmental destruction, or animal cruelty (when done anywhere that isn’t a farm.) Indifference toward factory farming should be equally unacceptable.

"If animal agriculture isn't the most important problem in the world right now—it's the #1 cause of global warming, #1 cause of animal suffering, a decisive factor in the creation of zoonotic diseases like bird and swine flu, and so on—it is the problem with the most deafening silence surrounding it.

“The real horror of factory farming is not found in the instance, but the rule. . . . It's a shame that most people's exposure to the meat industry comes through horror videos of slaughterhouses. . . . And unfortunately, they can conceal something that is far more horrible: the everyday, systematized cruelty and destruction.

“In a way, videos of animals being tortured are a distraction that the meat industry is probably happy to have, as they suggest that the fault is with workers. The fault is not with workers, but the system itself. It is straightforwardly impossible to raise the number of animals we are currently raising for food without making their lives miserable. The misery is built into the system.

“Another system could take this system's place. But a movement toward small, family farms will require people to eat much, much less meat. And that's not going to happen any time too soon. In the meantime, the most important thing is to come to terms with the dominance and destruction of factory farming, and reject it. "

See anything you disagree with here? See anything he’s flat wrong about?

Guys like Foer and the HSUS say they’re only after the big guys. They are proponents of local eating and supporting family farms where things are done right. But anyone disparaging any part of the food system brings the whole system down.

This week the USDA released its report showing that 14.6 million American households went hungry last year.

The anti meat agenda doesn’t ever talk about how to replace the nutrients and protein lost if animals were phased out of the diet. The environmental extremists don’t talk about how to solve food distribution issues if suddenly everyone was eating local.

How many more people would the adoption of an anti-meat, radical environmental agenda make insecure?

Would they call people dying of starvation because of the policies they pushed genocide?

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