Monday, December 21, 2009

Did you inadvertently support the HSUS? If you bought a Carrie Underwood song you did.

If you live on a farm, and hate the way the HSUS has put our industry under attack, I hope you didn’t buy your kid a Carrie Underwood CD for Christmas. If you did, there’s still time to exchange it.

Underwood, PETA's 2006 Sexiest Vegetarian, helped stuff the stocking of the HSUS with a $200,000 donation on Dec. 3rd. They call her their Idol for Animals.

If someone in your family bought a digital copy of her cover of the song “Home Sweet Home” you helped fund that donation directly. Proceeds from those downloads are what Underwood credits with making up the donation.  But every dollar she makes from you buying CDs and concert tickets or downloading songs creates more income she can afford to give to them.
The releases I’m seeing say the donation is earmarked for spay and neuter programs. That may be so, but I don’t understand how anyone in the ag community could support (listen to or buy music made by) someone who is in the enemy camp.

She’s their farm girl poster child. This isn’t the first time she’s supported their causes.  Even if she’s doesn’t intend the donation to be used for anti-hunting or anti-farming efforts the social media world has interpreted her donation that way. Read comments.

So it's OK if your kids are disappointed when you take the CD back.  It's better than spending your own money to attack your own industry. 

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