Monday, December 28, 2009

How PETA spent its Christmas Vacation

While the rest of us were celebrating Christmas, the gang at PETA was busy.

They urged the Pope to "go Vegan".
From the letter they sent him: “Of course, a global shift toward plant-based diets would also have major benefits for humans - vegans have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer than meat-eaters do, and tens of billions of animals would be spared the horrors of being intensively confined on filthy factory farms, mutilated without any pain relief, and slaughtered while still conscious. Going vegan and serving only vegan meals at the Vatican would help ensure a bright future for all.”

I think he’s pretty familiar with the first chapter of Genesis where God creates animals for the benefit of man. And with people jumping over the rope at midnight mass, he needs a good dose of animal protein to keep his muscles strong to ward off “jumpers.”

They encouraged kids to leave soy milk for Santa.
They contend it will cause you to gain weight like the calves milk was meant for and that it causes rather than prevents osteoporosis. Give me a Rolaid.

They want you drinking nog instead of eggnog.
I don’t see that trend catching on any time soon. They've posted a whole host of holiday recipes that will help you go vegan.  They say that your holiday favorites need adjustments. 

Took issue with a live nativity scene.
They protested a Sioux City church that was using animals in a live nativity scene. The Rev. John Pehrson, pastor of the church under attack, told them to: "Get over it."

Attacked donating farm animals for the poor.
They say donating money to provide cattle, chicken and pigs for poor people in developing countries was a bad thing. From their website: “These programs often do more harm than good—to animals, to the environment, and to underprivileged people.” So much for teach a man to fish …thinking.

They also have compiled their annual round up of what's in and what's out. They don’t say eating meat, but I’m sure someone was dying to include it on the list.

A few of the things they say are in: job hunting, gay marriage, Tiger’s media circus. A few of their outs: Wearing animals, horse drawn carriages, Ringling Brother’s circus.  See the other ins and outs here.

I think they could have found better ways to spend their holiday, like going to church and helping to feed the poor.

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