Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If Michael Pollan was a mom, he might have a different dilemma

I have many issues with the writings (preaching) of Michael Pollan, author of the Omnivore’s Dilemma and now Food Rules.  A journalism professor doesn't automatically become a food expert due to some internal epiphany in my book.  But many think he is just that.

He wants us all to eat healthier. That I agree with, but we have very different opinions on what constitutes good food choices.
  • His take of eat local whenever possible isn’t feasible. All the farmers in New York state don’t produce enough food for New York City.
  • I don’t think corn is the root of all evil
  • Big farms aren’t bad farms in my opinion. They are a product of the cheap food policy that our government puts forward. And many of them do a good job of producing a high quality product contrary to what those calling them “factory farms“ might think.
There are plenty of other points I would argue with but thought I would treat you to a short post today.

Millions of city folks have read and believe his take on modern agriculture so I was pleasantly surprised today when Laura Vanderkam a working mom brought up some new reasons why his method of eating is not sustainable, or a positive part of her family’s daily routine.

Her blog is a good read and will make even a Pollan disciple think about what they're giving up to eat by his rules.  I'm not a mom, but this certainly applies to my family life as well.  How about yours?

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