Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear [yellowtail], your letter was nice, but...

Our friends at [yellow tail] have figured out they made a mistake, and I believe they are trying.  But I'm a little underwhelmed.

It's easy to send a letter saying we messed up.  It's a nice letter. 

They could have advised Tiger on his apology and it might have went better for him.  But after such a firestorm from the ag community, couldn't they--shouldn't they--make a similar donation to a pro-ag group? 

If you haven't seen it here's a letter they sent explaining their donation.

Dear Kay Johnson Smith, Animal Agriculture Alliance:

I am writing to thank you for your feedback regarding our [tails] for tails program.

The spirit and intention of our donation to the Humane Society of the United States was for the celebration of animals. Being farmers ourselves we support those who care for their land and their environment, just as we do. We are proud of our rural heritage and value a solid relationship with agricultural communities around the world.

[yellow tail] is committed to the plight of animals in need, and we know that animal welfare groups work in different ways to advance their cause. We are interested in the welfare of animals, and in financially supporting animal welfare causes that provide direct care services to help animals, not on taking positions on any animal lobbying issues. We pledge to you that any future support for animal welfare will go to organizations specifically devoted to hands-on care, such as rescue, sterilization, feeding, or disaster assistance.

Like the wines we produce, we are friendly Australians who enjoy bringing people together, and look forward to doing so through our annual spring and summer promotional campaign "[tails] around the barbecue" and our "holiday enter[tail]ing" campaign. We very much value your opinion and wish to thank-you for your honesty.

[yellow tail] customer Service Team

It's a nice letter, but anyone can say they're sorry. Actions speak louder than words. And offering up your annual BBQ promotion doesn't make me feel like the company is exerting an effort.  So I'm still going to avoid drinking their wine

So what do you think? Am I being overly critical? Or being too harsh in what I would like to see them do to make amends?


  1. It rings hollow. They want to help with disaster assistance so donate to an organization that raised millions of dollars that were not spent on disaster assistance.

    Perhaps they really don't get it. Perhaps they've been drinking too much unsold wine. Perhaps it's just a feelgood so we forget next time their donation money comes out.

    I don't buy it. And won't buy yellow tail. They're like Carrie Underwood & so many more - they still don't get it. Perhaps if the "rescue" of animals was directed at their farm financed by their money, perhaps then it'd start to dawn on them. They've financed terrorism and that is more antifreeze than wine. You can dress it up but it'll still kill you.

  2. They seem to be the only people who actually listened to Ag and made a change.

    You know H$U$ wouldn't give them the money back. I think it was pretty decent that they flat out said they wouldn't support them again.

    So, yeah I think you are being a bit harsh

  3. I am with Jan on this - besides we should buy wine from our own country, its not like we have a shortage of wineries. I'm a rancher, and we sure squall when beef is bought out of country.