Saturday, February 27, 2010

Government Weatherization Program is a Snow Job

The stimulus program also known as the American Recovery Act has a provision for winterizing houses, but so far the program hasn't been too productive.

The Energy Department which runs the program told ABC News that so far it has spent $522-million dollars on the program to winterize 9,100 homes. Do the math and it works out to $57,362 for each home fixed up so far. Are they insulating with stacks of dollar bills?

This program is part of the $5 billion worth of Obama administration stimulus money that was going to rapidly create nearly 90,000 jobs--green jobs--throughout the country. It was meant to kill two birds with one stone, get people to work in a rocky economy and make thousands of homes more energy efficient.

With the winter the nation has faced, winterization last fall would have been a good thing. The program has only spent about 1/10 of the funds allocated back when it was passed. They've had to figure out prevailing wage for winterizing projects. And they've gotten bogged down in a bunch of government created hurdles.

So I'm proposing we eliminate the weatherization red-tape in favor of duck tape.  I'm creating the "Red Neck Winterization Kit".

Send me a check for $499.99 and I'll send you a kit to winterize your home. Using bales of straw, sheets of plastic, and a few roles of Duct Tape, you can make your home or trailer snug as a bug just in time for spring.

We can do it for a fraction of the cost of those taxpayer funded programs. Maybe I'll even apply to get certified as a government approved vendor. But that would mean I would have to raise my price, so you better order now.

(Shipping is included.)

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