Thursday, February 4, 2010

So you’ve wanted to become an agvocate but didn’t really know what to do.

Here’s your chance to jump in.
Yellow Tail wine just pledged a $100,000 to the Humane Society of the United States.
During the past 2 days, other agvocates have spoken up on a variety of social media sites. Instead of listening to our outcry, the company manipulated the donation stipulating it would only go for animal care.
That makes my blood boil even more. And it should make yours boil to.

What’s more, YellowFail is deleting negative comments from us on their FaceBook page and gleefully announcing how they’ve appeased us.

Well they’re wrong. And we need to get fired up. 
Here are a few things you can do:
  • Tell YellowFail you aren’t buying or drinking any more of their wine on their Facebook page
  • Send YellowFail an email directly
  • Tell your favorite restaurant or liquor store that YellowFail is hurting farmers
  • Plan a protest outside of a major liquor store or distributor location--it only takes 5 or 6 farmers to make a point and get news coverage.
  • Add comments to other Facebook Pages talking about the issue--YellowFail can’t delete the comments if they don’t own the site.
  • If you see anything on mainstream news outlets about this--make a comment.
If you plan a protest and want to get some media coverage. Contact me. I would be happy to help you contact the media. And I would be happy to put some talking points together for you.

We all have to speak out the 500 agvocates that have already mobilized need your support.  We've drawn a line in the sand.  But we need backup.  We definitely have their attention but we need to see this through to the end.

Please post other ideas you have regarding how we can speak out in the comments.

P.S.  I guess we should have seen this coming VegNews, a vegetarian lifestyle magazine, picked YellowFail as the 2009 Veggie Award Winner for Favorite Vegan Tipple. This is the largest vegetarian survey in the world.


  1. Thanks Jody, I have decided to take the same steps the sportsmans alliance did, write a letter to their US distributer. for a copy of their letter click here!

  2. Thanks for an excellent suggestion. I became a fan on Facebook just to take them to task for such an idiotic move.

  3. Oh my! I didn't even realize this was going on! I'll have to purchase a bottle or two or five!!! And write the company to tell them how much I appreciate their efforts! Thanks for the link! ;)

  4. Great suggestions Jody! It makes me proud to see how many comments are being wrote on the Yellowtail fan page. I didn't realize they were deleting comments. Also, could you tell me what Yellowtail's response wall. I missed it, and it is probably so far down the list now I won't even find it! I noticed in Walmart last night that Yellowtail is on sale, prices way slashed, wonder if they are afraid the product won't move.

  5. Thanks for all of the additional ideas and links. Are any of my ag friends in the KC area ready and able to help me stage a protest?

  6. Bea for every bottle you buy, farmers and ranchers are flushing 10 down the drain. If you buy a bottle of [yellow tail] it means you must not want to eat.

  7. Yellowfail and other companies often donate to H$u$ believing that the organization actually has the 11.5 million members it claims. (11+ million potential customers for their products. Politicians believe it too, as slick Wayne Pacelle regularly pledges hundreds of thousands or even millions of "member" votes to candidates who sponsor their legislation.
    REALITY CHECK: HSUS has less than ten percent of it alleged supporters, according to its own tax returns. In 2007, the print run of their magazine which is sent to current donors at the $25 and up level, was 420,000. Wayne never mentions the fact that most of the candidates he courts with phantom votes lose their elections. From Rick Santorum in Pa. to John Sweeney in NY to Chris Shays in Conn. to
    John Corzine just 3 months ago just to name a few.
    Any company that donates/promotes an organization to their customers should do some research and fact checking first. Yellowfail should redirect the contribution to a high quality animal charity that honors donor intent if it really cares about animals. Rewarding a $200 million scandal plagued lobbying group that owns a few overfunded animal care facilities through takeovers/acquisitions is just plain dumb.

  8. Bea is an animal rights advocate who goes around commenting on farm blogs everywhere. Straw man arguments follow her like little puppies.

  9. Maybe they even count me as a member because I signed up for their e-newsletter. Nobody would ever confuse me with a "supporter" of theirs.