Thursday, March 4, 2010

This 4-Her has a thing or two to share with PETA

One of the great things about having a blog is meeting other people in the ag community. I met Dee Dee through Twitter and wish that all of my young friends would document their 4-H and FFA experience like she is. Here are her thoughts on how PETA targets young people in ag programs.

I’m a sixteen year old 4Her. When I first joined 4H I never planned on doing anything agricultural related.

Then I tried out some show chickens during that same year my 4-H leader at the time had a farm and was breeding sheep.

So I said let’s see what this is like. She had a very beautiful ram and ewe that she was going too breed and I would get the offspring. Well that offspring happened to be a beautiful Leicester Longwool named Savannah Mae.

That’s where my 4-H adventures began. I have sheep, chickens and soon to have beef cattle and dairy goats.

I get really tired of all the Animal Rights groups targeting 4-H and FFA (Future Farmers of America) because we have farm animals. Many of those activists believe incorrectly that if you have farm animals that you are abusive.

The other problem is that animal rights groups think that 4-H and FFA are teaching innocent children how to kill animals. What they don’t realize is that many of these 4Hers and FFA members already own animals before they ever joined 4H of FFA. We don’t “murder” animals. We take care of them to their very last breath and then they are taken to the abattoir to be humanely killed to feed the world.

The whole world can’t live off of fruit, vegetables, and tofu etc.

People like my sister who have uncontrollable seizures and can only have 10-15carbs a day. This means she consumes a lot of meat and dairy products. These products are a must have or her health suffers dramatically.

PETA says on their website that “Programs offered by 4-H and Future Farmers of America encourage kids to lovingly raise and care for baby pigs, cows, and other animals and then sell them at auction to be killed and turned into hot dogs, hamburgers, and other meat. Worse yet, some of these animals are subjected to cruel treatment before they go to slaughter.”

My point in being a guest blogger is to open up to the world to support humane farmers and stop targeting 4H and FFA members at fairs etc.

Dee Dee
Check out Dee Dee’s blog chronicling her 4-H adventures.

I look forward to sharing more of Dee Dee's stories in the future.  And I hope that her post inspires my young readers to start a blog--or simply guest blog on mine.

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  1. I agree completely with Dee. Being a member of the FFA organization as well as 4-H I feel these youth programs teach students how to become better leaders, and give them an advantage in future careers. They do not promote murder of animals or any other said claims. Many of the programs offered through these organizations are in fact not related to livestock such as many leadership career development events which allow students to compete and become prepared for future careers. I would however like to correct Dee on one thing. The FFA changed their name in 1988. It is now know as the National FFA Organization. This was done to promote this organization to people who are not going into production agriculture. Thank you Dee for speaking up about your experiences and oppinions.