Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Misleading Kids to Lobby Against Factory Farming

Are your kids or their teachers being suckered in?

They may be unwittingly aiding the anti-meat cause.

The HSUS puts a monthly newsletter KIND News during the school year. This turns up in classrooms all across the country under the guise of promoting kindness to animals. Who’s against that?

You might be after you check out their online edition.

April’s edition for third- and fourth-grade students includes an article trashing animal agriculture, in which HSUS tells its young readers to write to their Congressman, the USDA, and the EPA.

From the online edition:
Decisions affecting animals are made all the time by our elected officials. Senators and representatives consider laws that protect pets, wildlife, farm animals, and animals used in research. The job of these officials is to be a voice for the people they represent.

To get your lawmakers to vote in favor of animals, you must tell them what you think. Below are some important issues on which you can take action. For more tips on contacting your lawmakers, check out our Speak Up for Animals guide.

There’s a special placefor teachers to get lesson plans including some about the need to protect prairie dogs.

And there are monthly activity calendars posted. Many things on there seem harmless enough. But it’s a place where they can take shots at livestock production as well.

And then there are a whole lot of activities revolving around farm animals. In one section it encourages kids to take a stand and be a “brave soldier” in changing people’s minds about eating animals. It doesn’t exactly say that, but I’m sure the conclusion some kids are coming to. Check out the farm facts they’re using to obtain emotional reactions from kids.

Keep an eye out for materials that come home from school. A well meaning teacher could be inadvertently be putting out an anti-meat message by using these materials.

Everyone should be kind to animals. But these messages go a little too far.


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  2. Its amazing that even our educators will just take in information without weighing the consequences. As a former educator and someone who believes strongly in the public school system, I think it is just as much our responsibility, as ranchers, to find our way into the classrooms and invite them onto our ranches so we can make young beef advocates out of the next generation.

    1. I agree with you. Children should be show the truth and that includes all of the truth. Happy grazing cows/steers is a facade for the meat and dairy industry. Our future beef advocates should be shown exactly what goes into raising beef from start to finish. And if you dare claim that the mutilation and separation of baby and mom is okay than I'm sure you have no problem with feedlots and slaughterhouses. The cow seems to facilitate your livelihood and of corse you need to protect it--I understand...but there are many sides to everything and all sides are valid. Don't knock the information that is being spread about the inhumane treatment of animals because killing is not humane no matter how put it. Being desensitized may be your problem if you can't see the other side.

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