Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Humane Society of the United States DOUBLES CONTRIBUTION to animal shelters

The HSUS nearly doubled the amount of money it gives to animal shelters according to it's 2009 tax documents.

But that's not hard to do when you're going from about one half of one percent (0.5%)  to four-fifths of one percent (0.8%).

Here are a few more numbers from the HSUS tax return courtesy of http://www.humanewatch.org/:
•Total revenue: $101.6 million
•Total expenses: $121.7 million
•Net assets as of December 31, 2009: $160.5 million
•Fundraising expenses: $22.3 million (23 percent of every dollar raised)
•Salaries and benefits: $35.8 million
•Total grants to other groups: $6.7 million

Here is some more info from Humane Watch:
•At long last, internal documents reveal what it takes to be one of HSUS's 11 million "members and constituents" (Hint: Just get on the group's mailing.)

•HSUS was for animal abuse registries before it was against them.

•HSUS quickly and quietly retired Humane Society International's $11 million debt in 2009. If you give "$19 a month" to HSUS, those were your donations at work.

If you're not going to http://www.humanewatch.org/ weekly you should be.  I would also encourage everyone in agriculture to make a donation to this group. 


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  2. That is awesome news. We recently adopted a puppy from a shelter and its brought so much joy!